Is immigration good or bad for an economy?

A lot of research went into this YouTube explainer I co-produced and hosted about whether immigration is good or bad for an economy. It was part of my job, so I was happy to look into it. The fact that I’m an immigrant (I was born in the Philippines and lived in Switzerland before coming to Canada at age 4) intensified my curiosity.

As I sifted through articles about Trump’s immigration ban, asylum seekers coming to Canada and the influx of Syrian refugees, I noted some nasty comments posted. There was a common thread running through them. A perception that immigrants are a drain on the system, job stealers… basically economy ruiners. So I set out to find out the truth. What I discovered was, at times surprising, at times reassuring.

I invite you to have a look and a listen, and judge for yourself in this CBC explainer video Is Immigration Good Or Bad For An Economy?