Anne Gaviola

Bio: I'm a journalist with cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the brain. Hunter, gatherer and teller of stories. Weather geek. Travel addict. Sometimes I snowboard and SUP. Views expressed are my own, obviously. Follow me on Twitter: @AnneGaviola Instagram: AnneGeeWhiz

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anne

    I’m not very twitter savvy, but I noticed you favored my tweet to someone else in an automated fashion (13 sec later). As a result, I was wondering if you would care to discuss the new theoretical model of economics outlined in the following link (and associated book): http://www.reddit.com/r/economy/comments/283c5m/economics_unmasked/ In addition, I also have had national success in a different field about 10 years. It is a topic I feel needs to be revisited by a business reporter because of its tremendous GDP implications. Please take a chance on me and drop me an email. thank you

  2. Hi Anne

    This is Lincoln’s Economics from twitter. Is there any chance you could email me, so I could introduce myself? I’d like to send you a few links regarding a story that had national success about 8 years ago which needs to be revisited in a much broader scope. The success of the story inspired my effort to take on economic theory (work in progress).

    thank you

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