High school student makes fortune betting on cryptocurrency (no, not bitcoin)

18-year old Eddy Zillan is a high school senior with big dreams, and big accomplishments. He’s already made a pile of money betting on ether, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies (it powers the Ethereum blockchain). Some have described it as bitcoin’s ‘smarter’ cousin.

Zillan Lede Photo

His incredible journey began at age 15. He had $12,000 US (birthday gifts and money from his part-time job) and he decided to invest it. So he talked to people and did a lot of research. This led him to Ethereum, which he felt had a lot of potential. So he bought a lot of ether, and a little bitcoin too. There was something about these cryptocurrencies that appealed to him.

Fast-forward to 2017, which was a banner year for both ether and bitcoin and, by extension, for Eddy Zillan too. He has since started up his own cryptocurrency company, but he’s pragmatic and says he remains committed to his goal of becoming an orthodontist. You can read Eddy’s (and Ethereum’s) story here.

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