Expert warns outsized male interest in cryptocurrencies a ‘red flag’

The content that I create gets a lot of attention, but the analysis piece (about what the gender divide in the crypto community may signal) that I wrote for CBC takes the cake (with the high school student betting on ethereum a close second and the immigration explainer video coming in third). Some people applauded this fresh take, and rejoiced that credible people were talking about the giant pink elephant in the room.Bitcoin boys club

Others trolled me online for weeks. Accusing me of all kinds of things that I won’t repeat. Some had valid arguments. Others were simply outraged and spewing hateful rubbish at me. The reaction came from across Canada as well as specific U.S. states (Texas, Florida, New York and California).

I invite you to read it, all of it (from start to finish because there’s a twist at the very end) and do some research, and come to your own conclusions (feel free to comment below or reach out to me respectfully on social media). Analysis pieces are meant to spark discussion about topics that might otherwise get glossed over. I believe that there is a process to figuring things out, and an important part of the process must be a willingness to listen.

High school student makes fortune betting on cryptocurrency (no, not bitcoin)

18-year old Eddy Zillan is a high school senior with big dreams, and big accomplishments. He’s already made a pile of money betting on ether, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies (it powers the Ethereum blockchain). Some have described it as bitcoin’s ‘smarter’ cousin.

Zillan Lede Photo

His incredible journey began at age 15. He had $12,000 US (birthday gifts and money from his part-time job) and he decided to invest it. So he talked to people and did a lot of research. This led him to Ethereum, which he felt had a lot of potential. So he bought a lot of ether, and a little bitcoin too. There was something about these cryptocurrencies that appealed to him.

Fast-forward to 2017, which was a banner year for both ether and bitcoin and, by extension, for Eddy Zillan too. He has since started up his own cryptocurrency company, but he’s pragmatic and says he remains committed to his goal of becoming an orthodontist. You can read Eddy’s (and Ethereum’s) story here.

Can’t stop fiddling with your phone? There’s an app for that.

It’s no secret that our phones are distracting. But recent data suggests that just having them within arm’s reach can negatively impact your ability to concentrate. That’s why finding a way to ‘disconnect’ and pay attention to what’s happening in the classroom is really important.

There’s an interesting Canadian company that came up with an app called Flipd that gently reminds students to pay attention in class.

It’s a simple concept that has caught on South of the border and is spreading across Canada. Read my piece on how Flipd works and how it started out (hint: it was originally designed for parents).