Changing the convo around what a tech career is…. And isn’t

A career in ‘tech’ isn’t what it used to be. Because technology is, well, everything. Tech permeates every aspect of our lives… from our phones (which have become our camera/library/calendar/photo album/GPS) to our connected homes.

Tech careers can be fulfilling, and well-paying. Yet Canadian girls and women aren’t penetrating the ranks of the tech workforce, even though they are increasingly graduating with degrees in science, tech, engineering and math. It doesn’t compute.

During my research, the experts I spoke with suggest there are myths that persist. About what ‘tech’ is… and what it isn’t. And those myths need to be shattered early on, when young women are figuring out what to be when they grow up.

Have a gander at my CBC article about why a career in tech isn’t just for gamers and AI geeks (note: as a fellow geek, I use the term with great affection) Industry Leaders Tell Women Tech Careers Aren’t Just For Gamers

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